Does an javascript library exist to interact with Panoramax

Hi all,

I would like to use Panoramax as image host for MapComplete (instead of Imgur which is currently used).

Is a javascript (or typescript) library already developed to easily interact with it? It would be a bit stupid to duplicate efforts.

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Hi Pieter, not sure if it’s what you are looking for, but an interactive Web/JS pictures viewer is available here : GeoVisio / Web viewer · GitLab and is on NPM.

Would this library help you ?

I’ve found the webviewer before, but I’m specifally searching for a library which I can use to upload pictures to geovisio, let the user login (preferably by just sending over the OSM-Oauth token) and fetch images to show them in my own interface.

Hi Pieter,

For now, pictures upload is only possible through HTTP API (docs) or Python command-line interface (docs). We haven’t planned yet to offer a JS library for abstracting API and authentication. Do you think this would help third-party developers over just working with the HTTP API ? Is it something you could/would be interested in developing ?

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Hi Adrien,

Yes, a small library would help me tremendously. I did experiment a little bit with tools generating a (typed) library from the OpenAPI-spec, but haven’t gotten far with this.

That’s funny because we are working on improving our OpenAPI documentation (here), so we could definitely give a try to some tool that does that :smile:

You can find my attempt here: GitHub - pietervdvn/geovisio-typescript-sdk: A small library to interface with GeoViso instances

I have to admit that I’m really bad with javascript configuration files - I just modify them until they work… So configuring a lib to work with both web and nodejs is something that I could some help with.

I tried several libraries to generate code, swagger-typescript-api was the one that didn’t crash on the API-spec provided.

It generates the types somewhat OK, but creates its own HTTP-client, which overly complicates things IMHO.

Cool to see first results :grinning: We changed and improved a lot our API docs last week, which is not released yet (will be in a week or two). The new version is available though on API develop branch : Files · develop · GeoVisio / API · GitLab

This spec version is also available online here : (OpenAPI 3 json) or Flasgger (HTML)

Maybe this one will cause less validation issues, as it is now valid (the previous one wasn’t verified).