FR: abiilty to select license

It would be nice to give users the option to choose which license they want to upload their images as (from a selection of licenses).
Currently there is a limitation of only having one license per server.

We (OpenStreetMap Belgium) would for example like to offer the user the choice between CC-BY-SA and CC0 (public domain). With the option of setting which one is the default)
So this would have to be implemented on a server, api and cli level.

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I don’t know if it’s a need that could be recurring on many other cases. At least, as CC0 is more permissive than CC-By-SA, the author of a picture could set its own license in EXIF tags (without need of any change on tooling), and we can make the viewer evolve to display it on website (a very minor development to do).

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So what kind of exif tag would that be then?

This would mean that all users who want to use a license that’s different from the instance’s would have to cli tool processs all their images, making it more complex and scaring users away.

I don’t know if allowing people to upload any image license they want is a good idea.
If someone starts uploading copyright images… I don’t think a lot of instances would like to host those because are of no value.
Hence why I think a selection made by the server admin on what licenses are allowed to be stored on the server, is better. But maybe that’s just my opinion

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The ‘copyright’ EXIF tag ?

But… I don’t think it is a good idea to let contributors choose whatever license they want for their picture.

What about proprietary licenses ? If we don’t want them, we will have to define a list of accepted license for an instance.

Mixing license on an instance can also be a real problem when you want to reuse the pictures. We would need a filter on the viewer (and at the API level) to select only pictures with a compatible license with your reuse.

All this create complexity.

The whole Panoramax project should limit to very small set of license to avoid this complexity. For instance, the meta-catalog may only index instance using one of the small set.

About CC-BY-SA, like OSM-FR I suggest to add the authorization to create non photographic derivates under at least ODbL (and possibly CC-BY)… otherwise, shared pictures will not be useable to contribute to OSM :wink:

Like you said, I don’t want people to upload pictures with more restrictive licenses than CC-BY-SA.
Ideally i just want to give the user the option between CC-BY-SA and CC0 (public domain).

We want to give users the option of those two. Multiple people in our community have said they would prefer their images as CC0

And yeah, the copyright field method feels like it would just allow for arbitrary text to be uploaded, which would be a massive problem.

Hi, thanks for this input.
At this stage,

  • I agree that leaving the option for the user to choose any licence in the EXIF is a terrible idea
  • I agree that adding an extra step while uploading a picture to let the user choose the licence is a factor of complexity (that we would like to limit as much as possible).
    Even if this option is technicaly possible, I don’t think it should be prioritized, at least for now.

There is always the possibility to host a CC0 specific instance instead for the whole Panoramax community.

It could be an option in the contributor account, you make your default choice, and possibly can change it at upload time.