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I do apologise for my French… it quite bad… I hope I am forgiven for typing in English…

It’s been a while, but after “quiting Mapillary” and investing (quite) a bit of time in the basics of “Open Wanderer” (among other things building a POC for ‘Photo-Sphere-Viewer’ so it could handle GPS data)… my plan to build that what is being done here has been side tracked…

My time has been spent on my main project GeoArchive (the first part is public now, take a look: https://katlijk.geoarchief.nl/)

As you can see there is an (OpenStreet)map just that little much in view… I had a complete Mapillary integration working… and then they sold themselves to FaceBook… but the moment has come to start on building a new integration…

So I am so very happy to see what is going on here! My complements!!

I would like to integrate this into my project… I see you have an option for multiple instances (now where did you get that idea :stuck_out_tongue: ) Great! Me want! Can you help me in the right direction?

Also, Years back I went on vacation to France and I walked about 120km with my 360 camera (just testing a little bit :wink: ) I would like to add that to this community… What is the smart thing to do… add it hehe, or in my own instance?

I have so many questions… they will follow :wink:

Hi Eesger,

You’re welcome. Some projects start at a “franco-français” level although they may have a world wide audience. Indeed, due to lack of manpower, international extensions of some projects are limited, for instance by not providing English documentation, typically for centipede-rtk.

Now, about panoramax, yes, one can multiply local implementations but, for training, you may import your data inside a French one.

I’ve read some here and there… and the hardware requirements are more than “small”…

  1. Could it be possible to use an API for adding images/data?
  2. can I create a GeoArchive account that uploads the imagery (of the various GA-accounts)?
    2a) how extensive is the API now?
    2b) can I overlay an (old) image without uploading it to panoramax?

In the past I have invested a lot of time implementing the mapillary API.
You use 'Photo-Sphere-Viewer’ (whoom I know) so in potential my work should be possible to integrate…

  1. Could you direct me to examples for implementation?
  2. what is the license structure?
    4a) for usage
    4b) for the images already in panoramax
    4c) for imagery uploaded to panoramax (are there options?)

Only if you want to deploy a large public instance… we have a least one small deployment done on a NAS at home.

I’m not sure to understand your question.

Panoramax has an upload API you can use to send your pictures. To upload pictures, we also provide a web interface and a CLI tool, both of them use the API.

Yes, a single account to send pictures from different contributors is possible if they do not want to have their own account. It is possible to specify the contributor’s name using the “Artist” EXIF tag.

What do you mean by extensive ?

The geographic coverage is not limited to France on the OSM-FR instance while the IGN one should only be used to share pictures located in France.

This is not possible with the current viewer, but if you’re familiar with Photo-Sphere-Viewer you may do it on your side/site.

Implementation of what ?

We currently have two instances: OSM-FR and IGN and each of them use one licence (CC-BY-SA for OSM-FR, government CC-BY like for IGN called Licence Ouverte).

We would like to keep a limited list of license across instances to remain in an “open” and “simple/KISS” approach.

If you upload pictures on OSM-FR instance, they will be shared under CC-BY-SA, with additionnal authorization to produce non photographic derivates under CC-BY or ODbL.

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Thank you for responding so quickly and completely :slight_smile:

Your responses give me a feel of the project. When a deployment can run on a NAS, then I think it would be great if I could get my own instance up and running.

Could you point me to an “how to”?

I just know it has been done by @Thibaultmol on his NAS (TrueNAS) using the docker deployment.

I mentionned that mainly to make explicit that you don’t need a large setup to deploy a Panoramax instance.

Regarding blurring, you can use OSM-FR blurring server, which is currently publicly open.

What I used to get a quick instance up is using these docker files: docker/full-osm-auth · develop · Panoramax / Server / API · GitLab

iirc someone on the team was working on proper install tutorials and such.
There is also the new doc website: How to install - Panoramax - Docs

Thanks, docker compose is the best choice for me I think… I’ll start testing :slight_smile: