Liste des prestataires proposant le versement de photos Panoramax

Voici la liste des prestataires identifiés comme proposant le versement de photos dans Panoramax (par ordre alphabétique) :

Adrien Pavie

Entrepreneur en géomatique & développement logiciel. Prise de photos piéton, vélo, voiture.

Contact :


Collecte de photos 360° HD, conception et fourniture de matériel de collecte, formation

Contact :


Acquisition de photos HD et LIDAR.

Contact :

Jungle Bus

Acquisition de photos terrain en piéton, vélo et voiture.

Contact :

SOGEFI Ingénierie Géomatique

Contact :

Ce post est ouvert à l’édition (je l’ai passée en mode wiki) : continuons à construire cette liste ensemble.


Bonjour, le nom complet de l’entreprise est : SOGEFI Ingénierie Géomatique
Notre adresse de contact est la suivante :

Merci de nous avoir mentionnés !

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j’ai changé cela, merci

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I don’t really understand the translation, do these companies offer money for contributing?

no, it’s the other way round. You have to pay them to upload photos to Panoramax, but as a paid service, if someone, or rather an organisation, doesn’t want to do it themselves.

Oh! As in I would like 360 images of location X and they can make them?

Usage of the imagery on Panoramax is free, do commercial entities have to pay for (large) usage?


Yes, exactly.

They don’t and never will.
Panoramax is, by design, open. It means that anyone can install its own instance and host its own pictures. As soon as you publish your pictures under an open data licence, Panoramax will count your own instance as part of the federation, allowing anyone to have access to your pictures on the website and main API.

Also, this project is financed by the french National Geographic Agency, so as a public service, this organisation is not looking for profit. It is also supported by OpenStreetMap France, a non-profit OSM local chapter, that is involved and pushes for full openness. If you add the fact that all technical bricks are to remain open source, you have a proper definition of a truly open project.

Thank you for responding, this clarifies a lot!

The reason for my second question was in regard of my plan for creating an Dutch instance of Panoramax. And I was thinking along the lines of what if a “big commercial users” of the platform would have to pay for access to that data (like for an API key that makes more that Y requests).

At this moment I hoping to attract funding for starting up “The Dutch instance”, but I’m thinking ahead for possibilities for structural coverage of the project.

PS: If I’m going to far off topic, I apologize

For now, the project is only supported by IGN and OSM France, therefore, we currently accept every picture that any user would like to send.

As I was saying, by its very design the project will evolve, and you opening a Dutch instance is a great step in that direction.
The need for storage capacity -and therefore finance for the infrastructure- will be then shared between all instances.

That said, we are currently writing the conditions for being part of the federation: licencing the pictures under an open data licence is a must, as long as having access to the pictures from web/API.

At this stage, we were thinking of an unlimited access and did not think of any “pay-for-unlimited access fees”. Let us think about it.

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Do not get me wrong, ‘open source’ is the way to go for a project like this. I have limited experience in this area. But there is this naging little voice in the back of my head that tells me that I will have the big challenge to make ends meet in this project and that “smart commercial organisations” will monetize on it. Therefore I think it only fair that access should be absolutely free for private usage and “small companies”. But that companies that build a business model on it and heavily burden the system should be obligated to contribute to that system (I have read to often that “asking nicely” does not work, under the motto "if I don’t have to pay, why should I?’ )

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There’s many ways to contribute…

  • collect pictures and share them
  • offer hosting capacities
  • work on the code base

A company who would offer a paid service to local authorities to take pictures and share them on existing instances is ok for me. It is more coverage for Panoramax.

Financing the instances hosting on the long term is the hot topic. It means storage + bandwidth + some CPU. Here OSM-FR chose a 0% cloud approach, as the costs would not be sustanaible. Everything is hosted on bare metal servers, in our own bay in a datacenter.
We can open a topic to discuss hosting strategies…

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