Panoramax International (NL)

I am willing to put in time for the “Dutch instance” of Panoramax!

To accomplish that, I have a few questions:
I will try and see if I can find funding, if I can manage that a dedicated server would , offcourse, be ideal. If that proves to be a big challenge I (hope I) can install it on one of my servers already hosting projects.
I have spent a bit of time trying to install this project on a local test server, but it appears a bit more complicated then I hoped. Is there someone here that could help me set up “the Dutch instance”?

I have read that the IGN is the main contributor to the Panoramax project in France. Does Panormamax / IGN have international contacts? Maybe even Dutch contacts? Could they / you help with introductions, endorsement and/or maybe even with funding?

I was a (very) active user at Mapillary and I have had contact with several of the more active Dutch users. I am hoping/expecting I will be able to convince them of this project and that they will donate their imagery to “the Dutch instance”. Are you active in France in finding contributors?

New category: International OR instances ?
Could it be an idea to create an “international section” here ? My “browser translator” does seem to do the job quite nicely (although I does seem to make responding a bit troublesome at times?). But Making an international section might be a good idea (and in time maybe even sub-sections per country?)
Or make a category ‘Instances’? Where questions/news/etc that are “instance specific” can be posted/asked etc?

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@antoine-de, @PanierAvide and myself can help you.

What kind of problem have you encountered so far ?

IGN is funding code development and the IGN instance hosting.
OSM-FR is funding its own instance.

We do not have yet contact with dutch authorities. Panoramax has been demonstrated during some european geographic meeting aiming research labs… not much more for the moment.

We also republished pictures sent in the past to Mapillary. @tykayn is coordinating that at OSM-FR level.

As OSM-FR has been involved in the creation of Panoramax, the french OSM community is well aware of the project. OSM France also invested in 4 Gopro Max used by local communities to shots pictures that are then published on Panoramax.

This is a good idea.

This forum started mainly in french but we have no hard rule to limit posts to french.

Fase one Starting up…
I was able to acquire (I do hope there is no problem for me having this domain name?)
I have done my best for a small introduction in Dutch, Frisian (second official language in The Netherlands) and English.
Please let me know what you think of the text.

Also I have written my first request for funding. I am hoping my first shot at this will be a lucky one :wink:
Furthermore, in The Netherlands we have a ‘state forestry department’ and several nature associations. Could you tell me bit more about why the IGN initiated this project? Maybe the reasons for IGN may persuade the above mentioned organisations to participate? I have been in contact with a local nature association with the idea to map their nature reserves via 360 imagery for future reference. That might be an interesting approach to get funding?

So, I’ll first try and find funding. I already am personally funding my GeoArchive project and I simple don’t have the financial means to fund this one also… I think it would be ideal to set up on a server, one that does not include other sites/projects… (?).

What would be the ideal setup?
I must say I have a preference for Almalinux. I used to work primarily with CentOS, but switched to Almalinux some time ago (for obvious reasons…) My experience with docker is quite limited, so that does not have my first preference.

My first focus will be 360 imagery. I have had contact with the “top contributors” in The Netherlands. I think I can persuade them to (also?) join That would mean about some one and a half million 360 images.

That brings me to storage, does Panoramax natively support AWS-S3? I use this with my GeoArchive project and is I think “the way to go” for massive amounts of data like this…

To conclude, I’ll first see if I can get funding. And depending on “how much” ask for help in setting things up. (or should setting it up be as simple as giving @antoine-de , @PanierAvide and/or @cquest an SSH login?

I have been in contact with @cipherbliss (Exportez en masse vos séquences mapillary pour Panoramax). @tykayn is about the same thing?
I am assuming that that automation should also be possible with a future instance on ?


IGN started with an investigation phase to check if public services see interest in the project.
One of the outcome was that many local authorities were collecting pictures but had no way to publish and share them online except Mapillary.

Early development of Geovisio was also a good code base to build upon, not reinventing everything from scratch.

Publishing picture is also a way to reduce the need to go on site in many official activities.

Panoramax also bring some digital sovereignity back where we can control where and when pictures are shot and shared, and also have all the rights to do whatever we want with them (like detecting some objects to update databases, etc).

During the past year, we discovered more use case, some outside of “streets” on rivers and forests. could give direct access to an instance like what you have on

About funding, local nature associations may help, as well as the dutch OpenStreetMap community.

I have to experience with Almalinux which seems to be based on RedHat.
We use mainly Debian/Ubuntu on our servers and Docker is an option, not mandatory (OSM-FR instance does not use docker).

1.5M 360 pictures would need around 10TB of storage including derivates (tiled version for 360° pictures are doubling the storage need).

S3 is natively supported, but the hosting cost will be huge on AWS… something around 250$/month if AWS calculator is right.

Think twice about the hosting as its cost will be the main limiting factor. You can look for funding, or look for hosting… at OSM-FR we benefit a lot from free hosting coming from several sponsors in a much more efficient way that getting funds to pay big tech cloud services.

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Well… if you’re stuck somewhere, that’s an option, but we prefer you to be as autonomous as possible to manage your instance.

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