Scope of different instances


I’m sorry for having to post in English, but please feel free to reply in French, between my limited reading and machine translations I’m sure it’ll be fine! I just recently learned about the wonderful Panoramax project and would love to contribute going forward! :smile:

Which brings me to my question: I saw that there are few different, federated instances for Panoramax, but I didn’t see (or maybe missed) if there was any advice on when to use which instance for contributing.

Do they differ in scope or which parts of the world are deemed to be relevant? And what would you all think to be the best practice in terms of for which cases it’s best to set up a new instance rather than contribute to existing ones?


There is currently 2 instances open to contributions: IGN and OSM France

  • IGN is the french geographic institute, and is only accepting pictures inside the french territory. They are also published under a CC-BY equivalent (Licence Ouverte).
  • OSM France accepts pictures from anywhere for testing, but won’t be able to host billions of pictures from the whole planet. Pictures are shared under CC-BY-SA with additional rights to produce non photographic derivated under Licence Ouverte (CC-BY) or ODbL.

We hope to have more local instances to appear in a near future.

The federation is done by the meta-catalog which collect each instance catalog and provide the same API to search for pictures. It does not copy pictures themselves, only metadata.

So, if you want to test sharing pictures with Panoramax, you can publish then on where you can login with an existing OpenStreetMap contributor account.

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Thanks for the clarification @cquest!

That makes total sense! For now I’ll start with the OSM France one then for some testing (I hope a few images from the UK & Germany are appreciated) before thinking about a more local instance (I’m particularly thinking about contributing images from an upcoming trip to Argentina, which triggered my question!)


Just to give a head’s up, I gave it a first try today (by strapping a GoPro Max to a helmet and walking around my neighborhood in London to cover some non-car-accessible bits) and just uploaded the images. It worked like a charm and I’m super impressed by how easy the whole process was, chapeau!

I’ll familiarize myself a bit more in the upcoming days and will see how I hopefully can contribute more!